Conference Agenda

2017 Conference Agenda

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8 (optional pre-conference events)
1:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Tours of Hildebrand Farms Dairy and Liquid Art Winery 
Cost: $35 (includes transportation)
Pre-registration is required.

Location: Participants meet at the west entrance of the conference center for departure at 1 p.m. Bus returns at 5 p.m.

The beauty of the Estate vineyard along with the 360-degree views of the Flint Hills and Manhattan are breathtaking. It is something worth sharing and we want to enjoy it with you over a nice glass of wine. Save the date for a unique experience found no where else in Kansas. 

From grass to glass, the Hildebrand Farms Dairy family shares the full cycle of their glass-bottled milk product. The Hildebrand Family has been selling their milk directly to their customers since 2008 and in the process has given hundreds of tours to thousands of individuals from all over the world. The on-site farm stores sells their fresh, glass bottled milk in addition to various other locally produced Kansas products. The walking tour of the farm goes through each step of milk production and provides the details of life day-to-day on Hildebrand Farms Dairy. The tour details: nutritional importance of good feed, how the feed is grown, calving, milking and finally processing and distributing the end product. Often visitors can witness the milk being pasteurized and bottled. Hildebrand Farms Dairy host an open house each October they've dubbed their Harvest Festival. The one-day event draws more than 2,500-3,000 guess throughout the day and is yet another opportunity for the Hildebrand family to educate and advocate for the dairy industry. 

Liquid Art Winery and Estate in Manhattan, Kansas is perched on top of a hill and includes a full production winery, tasting room and event center. The Oak Grove Amphitheater and Vineyard Knoll are outdoor venues surrounded by vineyard and the Flint Hills for outdoor ceremonies or private parties. In Spring 2015 10 acres were planted. The event center hosts weddings, corporate meetings and other special events. The winery is a full-production winery and the vintner, David Tegtmeier, does all the wine making on site, including crushing, pressing, fermentation and bottling of the wine.
Flight of 5 wines or hard ciders are $5+tax.  Wine or cider by the glass is $5+tax.  You can also purchase wine by the bottle to take home.  Pricing ranges between $15-$25 per bottle.

Harnessing the Power of Excel
Cost: $25. Pre-registration is required. Limited to 20 participants.

Location: Hilton Garden Inn (Big Blue River Room), 410 S. 3rd St.

Presenter: Rich Llewelyn - Extension Assistant, Department of Agricultural Economics, Kansas State University

This hands-on workshop will help participants to better utilize the power of Excel spreadsheets. Participants will work on five different exercises in Excel designed to develop skills in mathematical calculations and formulas, including equations for break-even prices and yields and using "what if" analysis. They will also learn to use "Sum," "Sumproduct," "PMT" and "If" functions, link information from other spreadsheets, and create and use look-up tables.

This workshop is entirely hands-on, and attendees will use Excel to create four different spreadsheets, including estimation of machinery costs, budgeting and enterprise analysis, calculating principal and interest payments, and analysis of livestock economics. Participants will easily and confidently learn Excel skills by executing them in an interactive setting.

Laptop computers will be provided for use, but participants are encouraged to bring their own.

A Farmer's Guide to Quickbooks
Cost: $25. Pre-registration is required. Limited to 12 participants. (Session is full.)

Location: Hilton Garden Inn (Fort Riley Room), 410 S. 3rd St.

Presenter: Mark Dikeman - Economics and Coordinator of Professional Development and Training, Kansas Farm Management Association, Kansas State University

Computers will be provided for session participants.

This session will provide participants a hands-on introduction to QuickBooks as a farm business bookkeeping program.  Participants will receive a printed manual and will be given examples that will allow them to create a sample farm company file, add bank accounts and loans, enter checks and deposits, work with bills (accounts payable), and create and manage invoices. Participants who complete the session should be equipped to begin using QuickBooks in their farm bookkeeping.

Maximizing Productivity with Ag Technology 
Cost: $25. Pre-registration is required.
(This workshop has been canceled.)

Location: Stanley Stout Center, 2200 Denison Ave., Manhattan, Kansas (Participants are responsible for their own transportation.)


With a focus on data and precision technology, this show-and-tell session focuses how to maximize technology and data as assets on your farm. Topics discussed will include in-cab technology, weather maps, economics of precision technologies, and drones in agriculture. This session features displays of ag technology and concludes with a farmer sharing how he uses technology to make decisions on his farm. This session is designed to benefit all skill levels.


1:30 p.m. Introduction

1:45 p.m. Introduction and Overview of Current Ag Technology - Ignacio Ciampitti, K-State agronomist and Ajay Sharda, K-State agricultural engineer

2:30 p.m. We've got field maps, now what? - Kim Kohls, K-State Research and Extension River Valley Extension District and Sandra Wick, K-State Research and Extension Post Rock Extension District

3:15 p.m. Break (look at equipment on display

3:30 p.m. How does technology pay for itself? - Terry Griffin, K-State agricultural economist

4:15 p.m. How data has helped me be a better farmer - Andy Winsor, Andy Winsor Farm, Grantville

3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Exhibitor set-up - Conference Center Foyer

4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Registration and early check-in available - Conference Center Foyer

7:30 a.m.
Registration Check-in and Continental Breakfast- Conference Center Foyer
Silent Auction opens (ends 9:45 a.m. Friday)

8:30 a.m.
Welcome and General Session - Big Basin/Kaw Nation

General Session
Straight Talk, Straight Actions: Agriculture in a Changing Economy

David Kohl, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech

“Straight Talk, Straight Actions” says it all in the title of this high energy, no-holds-barred approach session. Straight talk on the global economic trends that will impact your business bottom line and decision making will be presented in a manner that links global economics to your farming operation, family, and personal life. 

Straight actions in business and financial decisions will be discussed as to what actions need to be taken to keep the business on course and also position it for new avenues of success. “Straight Talk, Straight Actions” will provide insight and answers to the most common questions asked by producers, owners, and managers. This energetic session will provide information and perspectives which will be invaluable not only to your business but also your personal life.

    9:45-10:45 a.m.
    Breakout Session 1

    Quickbooks Top 5 Tips for Effective Bookkeeping / Top 5 Tax Tips - McDowell
    Tammy Bryant, Varney & Associates / Julie Spiegel, Varney & Associates

    Financial Opportunities in Specialty Crop Production Tuttle
    Marlin Bates, K-State Research and Extension

    Dusti Gallagher, Flint Hills Fitness

    Meals for Harvest - Flint Hills
    Anita DeWeese, AJ Farms

    Keys to a Successful Landowner-Tenant Relationship - Kings
    Panel: Janet Pasker and Rita Smith, Landowners in Brown County, Kansas; Dean and Victor Menold, Menold Brothers, Inc.

    Production/Finance Protection with Crop Insurance - Konza Prairie
    Jordan Olsen, Frontier Farm Credit

    11:00 a.m. - Noon
    Breakout Session 2
    The Global Food Security Challenge: Protecting Plant Systems to Keep People HealthyMcDowell
    James Stack, Department of Plant Pathology, Kansas State University

    Robert White, USDA-Farm Service Agency

    Mending Fences through Communication, Relationship Building and Timely Resources Alcove
    Char Henton, Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services

    Conflict: A Fairy Tail Flint Hills
    Victoria Smith, Smith Mediation and Consulting

    Kenton Springer, Farmers National

    Bruce Wells, USDA-NRCS

    Noon - 1:30 p.m.
    Lunch and General Session - Big Basin/Kaw Nation
    Positioning for Success

    David Kohl, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Tech

    Now, three years into the economic reset, what’s around the corner and down the road with the global and domestic economy, land values, cash rents, and the overall bottom line?  This session will examine the economic and financial picture of both short and long run.  What are the adjustments producers and lenders must make to position for success.  A new look at burn rate not only on working capital but also on core land equity will be provided along with trends that will impact the industry now and by 2025.  Also, find out how to be a better borrower in these economic times.  Come with your questions to this high energy session that will get you prepared for one of the most critical periods in agriculture.       

    1:45 - 2:45 p.m.
    Networking Session

    Agriculture Partners - McDowell
    A woman who shares equal work, responsibilities, or decision-making on all aspects of the farm operation with her husband or other partner.

    Independent Agriculture Producers - Tuttle

    A woman who manages the farm largely by herself.

    Agriculture Helpers - Alcove

    A woman who participates in agricultural production mainly during the busy times (e.g., harvest, planting, and calving seasons). Main farm activities involve gofering and traditional household chores.

    Absentee Landowners - Flint Hills

    A woman who owns farmland but is not involved in day-to-day farm production activities.

    Agriculture Industry Career Women - Kings

    A woman who works in agriculture indirectly through professional service.

    Business Managers - Konza Prairie

    A woman whose main responsibilities are bookkeeping, information gathering, and financial decision-making, but whose husband or family member is the primary operator of the farm.

    Homefront Heroes Big Blue River

    Women with family in the military - A woman who has loved ones (e.g., spouse, siblings, children) currently serving in the Armed Forces.

    2:45 - 3:15 p.m.
    Break and Sponsor Exhibits - Conference Center Foyer

    3:15 - 4:15 p.m.
    Breakout Session 3

    Knife Skills 101 / Freezer Meals McDowell
    Jennifer Kern, Certified Chef and Culinary Consultant / Erin Petersilie, K-State Research and Extension

    Bob Carter and Jarod Regier, Frontier Farm Credit and Farm Credit Services of America

    Bob Neier, Kansas Barn Alliance

    Economics of Reproduction - Cow/Calf Flint Hills
    Sandy Johnson, Northwest Research Extension Center, Kansas State University

    Rex Zenger, Zenger Management, Inc.

    Carla Wikoff, USDA Farm Service Agency

    4:15 - 5:00 p.m.
    Visit vendors, Silent Auction continues - Conference Center Foyer

    5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
    Dinner on your own/small groups

    The Flint Hills Discovery Center, located across the street from the conference hotel, is offering extended hours on Thursday (open until 8 p.m.).

    7:30 p.m.
    Optional evening activity for conference attendees:

    Empower and Encourage McDowell/Tuttle

    Join cattle rancher Debbie Lyons-Blythe and Chef Alli for an evening of fun, engagement, and empowerment! Get ready to laugh (and cry!) as these two crazy, no-nonsense women help you understand why there's never been a more important time for bringing everyone together around the dinner table for authentic conversations. Together, Debbie and Alli will bring insight and perspective to the importance of encompassing each of our own unique voices to share the story of agriculture, using simple, everyday things around us to do so. Your story of agriculture is being told. Are you the one telling it?

    This event is hosted by Kansas Farm Bureau. 


    7:30 - 9:00 a.m.
    Breakfast and General Session - Big Basin/Kaw Nation
    Exploring Her Money Story

    General Session Presenter:
    Kristy Archuleta, Program Director and Associate Professor, Personal Financial Planning, Kansas State University

    This presentation will help you explore your feelings, attitudes, and values around money, how they were developed and what it means for your relationship with your significant other and family. Why does this matter? One of the top stressors for Americans today is finances (APA 2014), and one of the most intensively fought about issues in relationships is also money. Getting to know how you think and feel about money can help you understand why you do what you do with money. Believe it or not, your own money story has an impact on others around you and how financial decisions are made with your significant other and family. 

    9:00 - 9:15 a.m.
    Break - Conference Center Foyer

    9:15 - 10:15 a.m.
    Breakout Session 4

    Health Care Choices McDowell
    Erin Petersilie, K-State Research and Extension

    The Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement: Helping the Green Industry Navigate the Challenges of Social Media Alcove
    Cheryl Boyer, K-State Research and Extension

    Her Agriculture Business - Keeping it All in Balance! Flint Hills
    Cathy Musick, Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

    Glenn Newdigger and Mark Ploger, K-State Research and Extension, Stafford County

    Stacy Mayo, Kansas Corn Growers Association; Jancey Hall, Kansas Soybeans

      10:15 - 10:45 a.m.
      Break - Conference Center Foyer

      10:45 - 11:45 a.m.
      Breakout Session 5

      Nuts and Bolts of GMOs McDowell
      Harold Trick, Department of Plant Pathology, Kansas State University

      Conservation Client Gateway Tuttle
      Jose Mendoza, USDA-NRCS

      Patty Clark, Kansas Leadership Center

      Am I Ready for E-Commerce? Alcove
      Cheryl Boyer, K-State Research and Extension

      Erin Yelland, K-State Research and Extension

      Lunch and Keynote Speaker - Big Basin/Kaw Nation
      Discovering Your Rainbows: Future and Past

      Kriss Avery, Owner, Rainbow Sound, St. Louis, Missouri

      Have you ever seen a rainbow so vibrant it takes your breath away? Amazing that its emergence depends on a storm.
      Storms, rainbows...troubles, triumphs. Most of our lives happen in between our lows and highs in the context of culture. Culture helps us express ourselves and give meaning to our experiences. It shapes our values, gives us ways to ‘fit in’ our communities through the work we choose, the ideas we debate, the holidays we celebrate, even the people we hug...or not.
      When we look back on our lives, our memories are entangled with a range of emotions: delight, pride, humor, pain. We open an old photo album, diary or memory box, and we are transported back in time. In a flash, we are reliving the good times, laughing and enjoying the ‘warm, fuzzy feeling’ in our hearts. Then, there are the struggles, especially those dreams that never worked out. Didn’t we learn from them; aren’t they worth honoring, too?
      Nowadays, social media provides new ways to exchange memories, especially with the younger set. They respond with their latest selfie—it’s quick fun, and a great way to stay connected when we are far flung.
      But, we ask, what do we want to preserve, for our own enlightenment or to pass along to our children and grandchildren so they know where they came from...especially their connection to farming and to the land? What precious stories can we coax from our elders? And what of our dreams, those future rainbows we envision, if only we can clear away the clouds?
      Let’s sort through our big piles of life, and review both new and old ways to express, capture, archive, and share what makes life worth living. As we savor each moment, we uplift each other, knowing that “A day is not wasted when a memory is created.”

      2:00 p.m.